Calle 16 is a proposed district committed to developing art, local & ethnic cuisine and culture, all located in the mid-town area of Phoenix, Arizona on Sixteenth Street.  The boundary of this proposed district will start at Thomas/Sixteenth Streets south to Roosevelt/Sixteenth Streets.  Currently, the pulse of this district features numerous small and independent businesses, mostly frequented by the local residents and foot traffic. 


The Calle 16; Mural Project is a series of murals located throughout the general area of Sixteenth Street.  The murals shall be curetted by the board of directors and an advisory committee comprised of artist, civil activist, professionals and business owners.  A lead artist who will then have a working team assigned to him/her shall direct each mural.  The mural project is committed to the development of community through art, benefiting underserved youth, artist and community members.  The mural will have four facets that include:


Artist Mentorship Program - Lead artist shall mentor no less than 3 younger and inexperienced artist.


Education - Lead artist shall hold art workshops with local elementary and high school students from the schools located on or near Sixteenth Street.


Community Outreach - Each mural shall include volunteers from the general community, area schools, and homeless shelters.  Calle 16 shall reach out to troubled teens with a graffiti background to help educate and redirect their energy by engagement in the creation of art, community pride, civil activism.


Beautification Program - Each mural shall include cleaning, painting and gardening on or near the general vicinity of such mural.  Business owners near the mural will be encouraged to clean, paint and participate in the Beautification Program of Calle 16.  Artist, along with teams from local schools, underserved youth and community members at large, shall restore the historic mural by Rose Johnson located at Sixteenth Street and Thomas (the north entrance to this district).

C A L L E  16

a r t   &   c u l t u r a l   d i s t r i c
Calle 16 is a small district located in the heart of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area on Sixteenth Street from Thomas to Roosevelt.  For more information, how to volunteer or donate, visit us at